50-70% discount depending on shopping cart value

Be our reseller or shop with your friends so you can buy with a 50-70% discount!


  • 50% discount over 99 EUR

  • 60% discount over 299 EUR

  • 70% discount over 999 EUR

Since you will already receive a 50% discount on products placed in your cart if your cart amount reaches EUR 100, you will only need to pay EUR 50. If your cart amount reaches 300 EUR you will only need to pay EUR 120 EUR (saving: 60%). If your cart amount reaches 1000 EUR you will only need to pay EUR 300 EUR (saving: 70%). Thus, it is worth buying in a larger batch, for example, together with friends, forming a customer group.

Those with a reseller account can buy Anchor and Puppets Mouliné embroidery yarns at a 50%-70% discount, so they can sell the embroidery canvases in full stock, together with the yarns, so they can make a significant profit by selling Maya Gobelin products.

For example a reseller, by selling a 40×30 cm canvas, you can earn 20-30 EUR / USD. Due to the savings, the 50%-70% discount is also a great option for embroidery clubs, communities, customer groups.

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