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Want to embroider a completely custom needlepoint canvas?

Order custom gobelin – tapestry – needlepoint kit (with yarn and a needle) by submitted photo!

We create your custom-made printed gobelin, needlepoint canvas based on your submitted photo. May include family photos, photos of pets, landscapes and other custom designs, old or homemade paintings. After a color correction, your photo we will be printed to the selected canvas (tightly woven (88 stitch / 10 cm) or standard woven (44 stitch / 10 cm)). The smallest custom size you can order is 30×40 (40x30cm). However, the size also depends on the aspect ratio or the ability to crop the image to scale.

Canvas type samples



For example

30×40 cm oder 40×30 cm price: 35 EUR
With embroidery threads and a needle: 55 EUR

40×50 cm oder 50×40 cm: 55 EUR
With embroidery threads and a needle: 88 EUR

50×70 cm oder 70×50 cm: 96 EUR
With embroidery threads and a needle: 150 EUR


Shipping to all countries with tracking number: EUR 12.95 (~15 USD)

  • Development, printing and delivery times from order to approx. 2-3 working days.
  • Delivery time to Europe: 3-4 working days, other countries: 5-15 working days

How to I order custom needlepoint?

If you are ordering a custom needlepoint, please email us the selected image at or via Messenger on our Facebook Page, here:

We will send you the sample via the webshop.
If the design is right, you can order the product immediately using the shipping details, including a selection of embroidery threads
Individual tapestry orders can be paid for in advance via PayPal or credit card or bank transfer

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